Resolving Seeming Contradictions in the Bible

Many who reject the existence of a Creator would like to use as one of their arguments--"The Bible is full of errors and contradictions. Only a fool would believe what it says." There is an context component involved in the apparent contradiction that people may not realize. Humor me in this exploration. The Contradictions As… Continue reading Resolving Seeming Contradictions in the Bible


Our Creator’s Relational Identity

(Watch the video) To the Unknown God The setting is the Areopagus, in Athens, Greece. A man who is a natural born Roman citizen of jewish decent stands before the High Council to answer a charge of preaching about gods not recognized by the Greeks. This Jew named Paul had been speaking of events in Jerusalem, asserting a man named Jesus who had been crucified by the Romans was raised from the dead and was alive.(See the video and read the post)


Our Creator’s Core Identity

(Watch video) Consciousness research shows us that who we are in our Core consciousness is consistent with being in the moment. There are no thoughts about how we should act based on who we are relating to at the moment. We just are. We exist. That state of consciousness or Being is observable in the human being from birth. The infant looks around noticing what it sees, hears, tastes, smells, and feels. If what is observed is pleasant, the infant shows pleasure. If it feels discomfort, the infant cries. If what is noticed is novel, the infant becomes absorbed by what has its attention, soaking in the moment. In the infant's sense of Being, it naturally observes its surroundings and responds according to its feeling state in the moment. This is Core consciousness. See video and read the post...

Consciousness, Identity


Looking Back to the Beginning of Retirement on February 2, 2016 The past few months since retirement were not settling into a quiet, simple life. Selling all our properties in Dubuque, saying "Good Bye" to clients, friends, and family, moving possessions to Texas, finding and buying our new home in Thrall, Tx, finding a new church fellowship… Continue reading Reflections


The Creator’s Design for Healing

A Challenge from a Friend Bill Muench, pastor of Redemption City Church gave me a challenge. Put together four classes for consecutive Sundays that lays out the process for emotional and spiritual healing. My admission to  Bill was how I get caught up in wanting people to know the process and then to do the… Continue reading The Creator’s Design for Healing


My Granddaughter’s School Project – Ephesians 5:21-6:4

A Joy in Retirement The opportunity to retire in Texas gives us many ways to participate in our grandkids lives. Lydia is a freshman at Round Rock Christian Academy where she and her brothers are very active in all types of sports. We attend these events every opportunity we get, cheering their teams to victory.   Lydia… Continue reading My Granddaughter’s School Project – Ephesians 5:21-6:4


Retirement – I almost lost me!

Struggling to survive! When the stress is greatest we need the support of others. Anticipating our move to Round Rock, Texas to enjoy our grandkids as often as desired required much preparation. Close the counseling office, sell our properties, sort through our possessions, choose what we want to keep. pack and store that until ready to move, and… Continue reading Retirement – I almost lost me!


Startling Statistics about Mortality of Rural White Women

Longevity of life increased for most male and female Americans since the 1960s in spite of their ethnic background. Imagine the surprise for social observers to discover the high death rate of white women in rural America. Since 1999, the death of white women forty years of age and older has increased by almost 50%. The Washington Post… Continue reading Startling Statistics about Mortality of Rural White Women


7 Reasons for Depression

Depression is Hard to Relate to Unless You've Had It. Depression is one of the most troublesome human emotions.The suffering can be so deep that words cannot express what is felt. Depression quashes all hope that a good outcome will result. For friends of the depressed person, it takes courage to sit silently with him or her. Any attempt… Continue reading 7 Reasons for Depression


Trapped in an Elevator, Feeling Hostile

So You Think You Are Better Than Me? We humans are finite beings; but we forget that. Until faced with our limitations, we assume nothing can stop us. Being trapped in an elevator is one event that makes us aware of our lacks.  From the circumstances come a range of emotions. Let's say you have one other person in… Continue reading Trapped in an Elevator, Feeling Hostile