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Lowell Routley and his beloved wife, Terry, have been married for 50 years. Besides being the proud parents of two daughters (Ramona and Paula), they are absolutely delighted to be the fun grandparents of four lively and wonderful grandchildren: 1 girl + 3 boys, parented by Paula and husband Dan.



Dr. Lowell Routley’s education in counseling began at Greenville College and continued at Southern Illinois University, the University of Iowa, and Walden University. He holds a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology.

For more than four decades, Dr. Lowell Routley’s counseling practice confirmed his belief that the Creator endowed every human being with a unique identity. The resilience of that identity allows each human being to rise above difficulty. Even extremely traumatized individuals gave evidence of a Core Identity — a Core Self — that continued to exist, no matter how severe the inflicted mental wounds or psychological abuse.

Collaborating with hundreds of clients as they journeyed through their own individual healing process, Dr. Routley began to develop and refine a new treatment approach. This therapist-client interaction plus the knowledge Dr. Routley gained about enduring identity formed the basis of a new and innovative theory (the Core Integrity Theory) and its unique approach to healing (the Core Integrity Model).

More recently (2009), Dr. Routley began applying the Core Integrity Model to spiritual growth. It has long been Lowell’s view that faith community is very important in healing and growth for every individual. Interestingly, his knowledge of the Bible had begun as a hearing-impaired child challenged to memorize verses from seven years of age. As a child, he committed to memory more than 3,000 verses giving him an overview of relevant scripture that he has used throughout his counseling and teaching ministry.


Author. Offering a Judeo-Christian perspective on identity, Dr. Routley developed a prototype introductory series and taught it to a small group in the spring of 2009.  The study of personal identity in a biblical context proved to be very meaningful to those in that initial small group setting, and to Dr. Routley himself. It ultimately led him to begin writing his 3-part book series: Coming to Awe.

As a published author, Dr. Routley is now working on small group leadership guides for each of the three books. In addition to print materials, he will be available for online leadership discussion opportunities.

Dr. Routley: “My hope is that you will experience the awe that comes from knowing your Creator and who He intended you to be. If you’re an individual, I invite you to buy my books and read them for yourself to learn more and come to awe for yourself. If you’re a pastor or small group leader, please contact me about online training sessions as well as live online discussions with small groups themselves.”

Speaker. An accomplished, cogent speaker, Dr. Routley has spoken in both spiritual and secular settings. His deep and compassionate understanding of the human mind and spirit offers a unique perspective to listeners. Over the years, he has delivered sermons at churches, has taught at the college/university level, has provided continuing education for therapists and ministers, and has spoken at conferences of either a scientific or spiritual focus.

Dr. Routley: “Please consider booking me as a speaker. I’m available for limited speaking engagements on a variety of subjects. I invite inquiries for pulpit supply, conference speaking, and professional training sessions.”

Mentor. One of Dr. Routley’s great joys is encouraging growth, development, and, change in the next generation of leaders. His skills as a counselor translate well to deep 1-on-1 mentoring relationships.

Dr. Routley: “I invite you to hire me as a personal coach/mentor. I love 1-on-1 engagement and the high degree of growth and development that can result. Due to limited time availability, I’m selective and the fee is relatively high. If you think you would benefit from 1-on-1 contact and collaboration with me, email me to discuss the possibility and to learn more. Regular weekly sessions are available as well as full-day consultations.”

Thought Leader. Developing the Core Integrity Model has been Dr. Routley’s lifework-in-progress. And it continues.

Dr. Routley: “My heart’s desire is that I’ll be able to present the Core Integrity Theory at AACC Conferences and write a book on the Core Integrity Theory for Christian counselor training programs in seminaries.”

Consultant. With wisdom born of experience, training, and research, plus the comingling of his unique skill set, Dr. Routley offers consulting services to individual pastors, church boards, and ministry organizations. His specialty: team building that identifies and resolves organizational conflict.

Dr. Routley: “I invite you to hire me as a consultant for your church, ministry organization, or company. Please email me to begin a conversation … to discover if we’re a good fit to work together.”