Be Reminded Who You Are In Christ

Have This Book Available on Your Digital Device!  StangeJ-Identity in Christ

This ebook by John Stange is a wonderful resource to remind you from Scripture who you are in the eyes of your Creator.

John begins with a concise two page introduction on the nature of identity. The remaining pages of the book each consists of one aspect of identity. The titled aspect is supported by a passage of scripture relevant to who we are in Christ. Select the image to go to for more information or to purchase this ebook.

I recommend that you have this ebook available on your smart phone, tablet, iPhone, or iPad. If you find your Core identity™ overwhelmed or confused by how others define you by your Relational self™. Just look at the Table of Contents and select which identity reminder you need at that moment. This book will help you remain mindful of who you really are in Christ.

Thank you for adding this ebook to your collection of tools that will support and strengthen your Core identity™ (who God intended you to be).

Lowell Routley

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