My Book

“Coming to Awe, Finding Identity” 

After two years of writing one book of 180,000 words, Coming to Awe, Finding Identity was too big. The main manuscript was based on three major concepts which became a series of three books. The first one is out now and can be purchased at the link associated to the picture on the right. Select the image and you will be directed to the publisher’s storefront.

This book series was intended from the start to be a small group study for faith communities. Awe is a central theme that one comes to appreciate in a personal relationship with the Creator. This series will challenge you to a renewed depth of faith and understanding of our amazing Creator. Written by the author as his stream of consciousness contemplating the Creator’s original intent in creation, his design of the universe in preparation for his most prize possession, his creation of humanity in his image for fellowship, and his plan to restore fallen humanity back to his original intent.

How often the Creator could have justifiably wiped out all of his handiwork and started over? Yet, his was a deep love for these alienated, hostile creatures. At the expense of his own person, he sacrificed himself like no other god of human consciousness to reconcile these creatures, you and me, back to himself. Amazing Love.

Join in this study and through the awe that is there to witness, find out who the Creator really intended you to be.


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