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White Papers, etc. by Lowell Routley, Ph.D.

Dissociation_the_minds_immune_system  An explanation of dissociation.

Recognizing Differences between Core Self and the Relational Selves  Article defining Core and Relational Self followed by an assessment tool.

Mindful Breathing MP3 Audio Tape 3.5 minutes in length as a basic calming meditation.

David Ferguson’s Focus on Relational Ministry

Relationship Press — At this site you will find links to David Ferguson’s material and teaching that promotes relational ministry in churches. I highly endorse his teaching. Among the various outreaches are the following:

Great Commandment Network — Jesus said, “Love one another.” This is the nutshell of transforming ministry within American congregations. On this site you will find an excellent tool for people to identify their three top relational needs.

Great Commission Networks — Then Jesus said, “Make disciples.” How more basic and simple must we have it spelled out to show the Church what the desire of God is.

Center for Relational Care — This is an organization of professional Christian therapists in the Austin Texas area applying David’s principles to people in need.

And you will find others through Relationship Press.

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