Retirement – I almost lost me!

Struggling to survive!

When the stress is greatest we need the support of others. Anticipating our move to Round Rock, Texas to enjoy our grandkids as often as desired required much preparation. Close the counseling office, sell our properties, sort through our possessions, choose what we want to keep. pack and store that until ready to move, and say our “Goodbye’s” to everyone in Iowa were all items on the “List” to prepare for the move.

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In March, we were in a car accident that left Terry quite incapacitated. I had to shift into balancing between care for Terry and doing the “List” on my own. What made it especially hard was the loss of daily affirmation received through work. I found myself overwhelmed and stressed out big time. Family and friends offered suggestions of what I should do, which were not viewed as practical help.

When we, as human beings, feel stressed or threatened, we go into survival mode. This is characterized by fight or flight reactions. The fight mode for me was to become very prickly, porcupine-like, snapping at people who were trying to help. Listen to the vlog below and gain some insights into how to cope without hurting others or pushing them away.

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Photo by machfive

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