Retirement – Routley, Where Are You

Yes it has been a while since anything was posted.

It has not been for lack of things for which I am passionate. When I communicate ideas I prefer to do it in person, rather than to write it out. So this is a start to posting Vlogs.

Identity and retirement has been my journey for the past 8 months.

2593619970_846c7feb1f_rocking-chairSo I will start there. On February 2, 1972 I began my counseling practice. February 2, 2016  seemed like the logical time to close my practice after 44 years. The significance of the date did not enter my mind: Ground Hog’s Day until thoughts of retirement entered. Please click on the image to watch my first Vlog. When you are done, like it, write a comment, send it to a friend.

Photo by Kathleen Tyler Conklin

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