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Coming to Awe :: The Awe Series

How hard is it to find an experience of awe? Difficult! Most often it catches us by surprise. And when the experience of awe happens, you stand there with your mouth wide open without thought of others around you. That moment dwarfs your being. Someone was behind that moment and orchestrated what you witnessed. But who? And why?

Finding Identity

Daily events can be so ordinary, so predictable. We can go through life on automatic pilot. Unless we are questioned, our actions are predictable. If criticized, we become defensive. We won’t allow others to define us. We defend our right to say who we really are. In that defense of self, we assert how we wish to be known. But in a surprising moment of awe, we gasp and stand breathless because of the encounter, and suddenly realize, “I need to breathe.” That amazing experience brings us to realize our unique existence. All experiences of criticism from others are eclipsed by that moment of wonderment. In choosing to breathe, we acknowledge we are alive and want to shout, “Wow! I exist! I am awestruck!”

“Coming to Awe, Findin Identity” – The Series

In three volumes, you will learn the importance of your true identity. Dr. Routley has developed a means to understand identity through the use of two different concepts. The “Core self” is who our Creator intended us to be. Like our Creator, you and I in our Core identity are relational beings. From birth, our relationships shape us to prepare us to live with each other. Some would tells us what our identity should be by how we should act. This “Relational identity” seeks affirmation, acceptance, or control over others. The result is the suppression of Core identity which the Creator gave us. Our “Relational self” is who we are to please our social world. Our “Core self” is who we really are. Read more in the three volumes of this series.

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