The Premise

(Video-The Premise)  

Why I Am Doing a Video Blog —

After examining my passion to share what I have observed to be life changing truths, I realized that I do better expressing myself in front of people rather than by the written word. I have found a means to create video blogs as a way to express my passion to you, my audience.

This video blog, “The Premise” is the beginning of a series that will lead you to a better understanding of who your Creator intended you to be. In this series, I am expressing ideas that went into my book series, “Coming to Awe, Finding Identity.” I am awestruck by how our Creator’s design manifests itself in the human mind and spirit.

Action Step

After watching the video, ask yourself if you agree with the premise. Then leave a comment whether you agree or not. Please explain the belief you hold and why.

Photo by elefevre7

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