Video Coaching


To those seeking coaching from me, Dr. Lowell Routley, you must first apply for my services by completing the following steps –

  1. You must send me an email at containing the reason you wish to use my services.
  2. In Your application, please state your concern, how have you sought to resolve this concern in the past, and what actions will tell you that your concern has been resolved.
  3. You must include the following statements in your application –

You understand that the coaching you receive from me is based on my years of experience in helping many others and is by no means intended to provide licensed mental health services.

You further understand that Biblical verses, spiritual teachings, and prayer may accompany these services.

You are not suicidal nor do you require crisis intervention.

You further acknowledge that my fees for services are $125 per 50 minute coaching session and that you will pay said fees through the PayPal Invoice you receive for my services.


Once I have read your application for my coaching services, if I agree to work with you, I will send you the link to my appointment scheduling site: The calendar times listed are the times I am available for video coaching. If there is not a time on my calendar that works for you, please send me an email with times you may be available. If I am able to accommodate you, I will.

My coaching seeks to help you within six visits or less. The coaching visits may be terminated at the discretion of either party.


A few days before your appointment time, install the VSee app from (This app is free and highly secure with HIPPA certification.) You will create an account with your email as your user name.

Make sure you have a good internet connection, a video connection with good lighting, and a microphone that is loud and clear. The use of headphones are ideal to precent feedback.

Choose a place where you can be comfortable online that also gives good lighting on your face.. Because of my hearing loss, it helps if I can read your lips.


After you complete you application and are sent the link to my schedule, you will fill in your name and email and also fill out your concern each time as detailed as possible in the scheduling form. This will help measure movement toward your goal.

I am grateful for the opportunity to serve you. I look forward to the time we will work together on your concerns..